British Gangsters: Faces Of The Underworld

Britain’s most infamous gangland figures reveal all in a new six-part documentary series.

Chronicling 50 years of gangland Britain, this six-part documentary series offer a unique insider’s view into the British criminal underworld. Following such notorious figures as Wayne Barker, Paul Massey, Paddy Conroy and Paul Ferris, British Gangsters: Faces Of The Underworld gets up close and personal with these infamous and influential characters, giving them the chance to tell their life stories in their own words and offering insight into their rags to riches tales, which often resulted in lengthy prison sentences.

A unique take on a subject that’s rarely been explored in such honest detail on our screens, British Gangsters is the brainchild of Bernard O’Mahoney, a former crime figure himself and associate of the Kray twins. O’Mahoney also presents the series, which features relaxed and open interviews, lifting the lid on stories that have never before been revealed in public. “Despite knowing these guys for many years, I was genuinely amazed by the stories they told me,” Mahoney tells Film3Sixty. “It was fascinating to hear Freddie Foreman reveal that he’d planned to shoot the Krays prior to their arrest, and Walter Norval reveal the identity of the killers in an unsolved Glasgow gangland murder.”

From extortion to bribery, assault to assassination, the Quality Street Gang to the Kray twins, the talking heads that appear in the series have a collective rapsheet longer than the A1. Most are appearing on camera for the first time, seizing their opportunity to explain the sequence of events that led them to be viewed as some of the most feared men in Britain. Disturbing and fascinating, this is a daring view into a world =of savage rivalries and brutal retribution.

British Gangsters: Faces Of The Underworld is available now on DVD.

Words by Tom Grater

  • John J Monaghan

    This looks quite good.

  • Tom Ayres

    Not for me…how much can you squeeze out of fading has beens with fading egos ?

  • ste sharp

    Garbage……..the 80′s have gone, your stories get bigger but no one is interested.