Noah trailer now online

Yesterday the first poster and teasing clips for Darren Aronofsky’s Bible adaptation Noah were released online. Adding to the excitement surrounding the film, Paramount have today released the first trailer for the biblical epic.

Staying true to the rumors about the film, this take on the story looks to be very realistic with an army of animals appearing to flock towards the boat. Traditionally, Noah has to take two of every animal, so things could get a little ugly when Russell Crowe has to turn the heard’s away.

Things also look to take a turn for the worse with Ray Winstone’s abrasive looking character. This section of the movie looks set to fulfill Aronofsky’s  promise of large scale action as Noah fends of the masses who are possibly seeking refuge from the oncoming storm.

Starring alongside Russell Crowe and Ray Winstone are Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins and Logan Lerman.

Noah is set to be released in the UK on March 28 2014.